Retail audit of your business in Kazakhstan
Field audit is a service that involves collecting and analyzing field information to assess the effectiveness of trade marketing at the points of sale.

We provide field audit services for:
  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Discounters and convenience stores
  • Non-chain retail
  • Specialized stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical institutions
  • HoReCa
  • Duty Free (with permission provided by client)
Point of Sale Audit

Retail audit is a program for collecting field information (including market indicators such as presence, retail shelf audit, key players, advertising activities, and more) in main distribution channels.

The data from retail audits allows to evaluate the effectiveness of trade marketing solutions for making timely decisions.

The format of retail auditing also includes Price Check/Price Monitoring - a program for price monitoring in key distribution channels.


CENSUS is a one-time audit, aimed at obtaining data on prices in key distribution channels, to update its own pricing policy and analyze the pricing policy of competitors.

Creation and actualization of bases on representation of client's/competitors' goods in distribution channels, formation of bases with potential points of sales.

Mystery shopping

Mystery audit in retail is the evaluation of service quality using specially trained secret shoppers in various points of sale, from chain retail outlets to online sales channels.

Audit of medical institutions, pharmacies

The audit of medical institutions and pharmacies is aimed at checking the quality of merchandising, OOS of the client's product, availability and placement of advertising materials.

Field Staff Audit

Field staff audit is the measurement of the duration of work operations by field staff in retail outlets. The service is designed for better planning of trade marketing and sales activities. Salesforce audit includes participation in motivational programs for staff.

Contact center

Checking and entering information in electronic form, processing field documentation, generating summary information upon client's request.
Our Expertise
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  • 50+ trainings and educational programs
  • 40+ employer branding projects
  • 5+ years of experience in consulting

Other services
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
Outsourcing of trade marketing – is a full or partial transferring of product promotion, sales, and marketing functions to an external provider.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
We are ready to provide specialized specialists - product experts or medical professionals who will advise buyers at the points of sale.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
Merchandising outsourcing is a service for the promotion of a customer's products in retail outlets with the help of professional external specialists.
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