Sales outsourcing in Kazakhstan

Trade Marketing Outsourcing

Outsourcing of trade marketing – is a full or partial transferring of product promotion, sales, and marketing functions to an external provider.

Project approach
  • Solution development: synchronization of client KPIs and service KPIs, infrastructure management
  • Staff: formation of profiles, development of recruitment procedure and KPIs
  • Training and development: building a competency-based training and development system
  • Control of sales representatives and reporting
  • Personnel motivation and assessment: development, implementation and updating of motivational schemes and career paths
  • Performance management: managing the quality of employees' work on the project

Field personnel training:
  • 24/7 access to training
  • Ability to upload videos and webinars
  • Theoretical info
  • Prompt information update
  • Individual learning path
  • Rating system in training
  • Grading and career path development
  • Regular skills training
  • Trainer feedback during the learning process
  • Gamification

Types of sales and marketing outsourcing:

  • Digital marketing and promotion in social media
Promoting products in social media, as well as on other online platforms is aimed at increasing brand recognition and credibility. Sales teams that we provide will handle comments, reviews, and inquiries from potential and active buyers on social networks and other online platforms.
  • Product and service promotion in retail outlets
ANCOR specialists will place promotional materials about relevant client's services and products in any city. Our sales team will also conduct testing of the client's advertising samples in sales outlets.
  • Promotion of products through opinion leaders
On behalf of opinion leaders, we talk about the advantages of the product, its cost, production features, brand history, etc. We determine with the client the target audience, develop and implement advertising campaigns in online communities.


Telemarketing (phone consultations about a product) is a well-developed, consistent, and effective way of communication designed to inform consumers about the client's products, increase sales, promote products and brand. We provide employees with workspace, equipment, and necessary programs, create shift schedules, and distribute workload, as well as monitor the effectiveness of given tasks.

Event management

We develop the concept, plan, budget, and scenario of the advertising campaign. We take care of interacting with contractors, managing all regional projects of the client, provide reporting and analyse the results of completed events. It is our responsibility to ensure the sales staff performance, transparency of processes, as well as achieve set and agreed KPIs, start and complete projects on time.

Manual packaging of product sets

Packaging of product sets is a service in which our employees manually assemble the client's goods (e.g. promotional sets for advertising campaigns) in the agreed type of packaging. We provide ANCOR assemblers with everything necessary for work: advertising materials, product samples, equipment, and we also solve logistical issues.

Our Expertise
  • 180+ clients
  • 50+ trainings and educational programs
  • 40+ employer branding projects
  • 5+ years of experience in consulting

Other services
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
Field audit is a service that involves collecting and analyzing field information to assess the effectiveness of trade marketing at the points of sale.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
We are ready to provide specialized specialists - product experts or medical professionals who will advise buyers at the points of sale.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
Merchandising outsourcing is a service for the promotion of a customer's products in retail outlets with the help of professional external specialists.
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