Outsourcing of personnel files management in Kazakhstan

HR Administration Outsourcing

Outsourcing of HR record is a full or partial maintenance of HR administration functions by a provider specializing in accounting services.

HR document management includes:

  • Processing of personnel files: admission, transfer, dismissal, payroll records, vacations, sick leaves, business trips, etc.
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Document management in accordance with the requirements of the labor legislation
  • Communication with labor inspectorates and other supervisory authorities 
  • Interaction with the State Labor Inspectorate and the Employment Service
  • Preparation and submission of personnel reports

Additional services:

  • Conducting express diagnostics of record management
  • Conducting a comprehensive, partial or selective audit
  • Recovering missing HR documents
  • Developing, adjusting local regulations in accordance with changes in legislation and HR policy

Human resources administration costs

Monthly subscription fee for HR administration is built up on the number of documents drawn up, their specificity and diversity.

When is it relevant to outsource HR record management?

  • Lack of resources to maintain a large scope of personnel files:

- With frequently changing working conditions
- With high staff turnover
- When HR administration is maintained by HR department employees as an additional workload
  • Lack of experience and competencies for the development of non-standard personnel documents: admission of foreign citizens, admission of employees to a special wage system, non-standard work schedule
  • Need to reduce the cost of HR department
  • Lack of resources to keep track of the latest changes in the labor legislation 
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