Temporary Resourcing in Kazakhstan

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is search, selection and provision of personnel for temporary jobs to implement current and long-term plans of a client.

Whitin temporary recruitment we employ more than 15000 temps per year throughout the country. Our database of candidates is constantly updated. It helps us to select and provide staff with the necessary skills and in accordance with the client’s request.

  ANCOR’s advantages:

  • We find temporary workers to the project in a matter of hours – not less than 4 hours after signing the contract and receiving the application. 
  • Our clients have flexibility to adjust the number of temporary employees for the project. Depending on the client's needs, number of employees can vary on different days. 
  • We provide short- and long-term temps according to customer’s requirements (from 4 hours to 9 months).

  When temporary staffing service is relevant:

  • You need to recruit additional specialists, the demand for which is likely to be temporary.
  • Your permanent employee is on a sick or annual leave.
  • You need specialists for a project, urgent order, seasonal or production peak, promo, event.
  • The search for a permanent employee is not going as quickly as required and the work must be done now.

  ANCOR is to:

  • Conduct interviews and select those temporary associates, who meet your requirements.
  • Sign a contract with an employee in accordance with the law.
  • Provide any mandatory social guarantees.
  • Provide a replacement in case of unexpected dismissal of a person. 

  The most popular temporary jobs: 

  • secretary
  • receptionist
  • telephone operator
  • accounting department assistant
  • promoter
  • loader
  • courier
  • office assistant
  • warehouse worker
  • PC operator
  • salesroom consultant 

Our Expertise
  • 180+ clients
  • 50+ trainings and educational programs
  • 40+ employer branding projects
  • 5+ years of experience in consulting

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