Вакансия Data Engineer в городе Киев
Код вакансии: 61a9cd45b3c1410011771923

Data Engineer

Position Goal: Ensure stable analytical infrastructure in order to timely implement data-driven decisions on content creation.


  • Troubleshoot data issues, validate result sets, recommend and implement process improvement 
  • Ensure timely monitoring and implementing respective changes of architect models to comply with Facebook, YouTube and Instagram changes  
  • Architect, build, and launch scalable data pipelines to support data processing and analytics needs 
  • Produce foundational data tables and metrics with clear definitions, lineage to ensure that data is reliable, intelligible, and maintainable 
  • Design our data models for optimal storage and retrieval and to meet business requirements
  • Collaborate with data analysts to create fast and efficient algorithms for optimization, statistical analysis, prediction and clustering  
  • Help continually improve ongoing reporting and analysis processes 
  • Improve codebase, bring in latest technologies, re-architect modules to increase the throughput and performance


Experience and hard skills:

  • Experience in ETL processes, Python, SQL, AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL or other RDBMS data stores 
  • Expert knowledge of SQL and Python
  • Knowledge of database design and architecture principles, including in the data warehousing space 
  • Ability to provide concise documentation 
  • Ability to write and stand up our own API endpoints to share data internally/externally

Biographical data (age, gender etc):

  • Strong Computer Science/Engineering/Information Systems background

Will be a “+” (soft and hard skills):

  • 1+ years in Digital Media Publisher Industry with a deep understanding in Digital Research 
  • 1+ Experience in Data Modeling, Data architecture, Data Quality, Metadata, ETL and Data Warehouse methodologies and technologies
  • Experience with various digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube will be an advantage

Personal characteristics (5 “must have” soft skills):

  • Strong analytical focus, results-oriented and execution driven
  • Self-driven/self-initiator and resourceful to achieve goals independently as well as in teams 
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing requirements, schedules and priorities
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong attention to details and accuracy
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